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About the Ambassadors Program

Accion’s Ambassadors Program is a volunteer program that sends dedicated individuals to host institutions to experience the impact that microfinance, impact investing and financial education can have on the lives of the working poor. The program is individually funded and offers volunteers unique and customized exposure to the work of Accion’s partner institutions in the field.

How the Program Works

  • Ambassador placements are made to fit the unique skills and interests of qualified candidates, as well as the needs of our partners.
  • Ambassadors attend an intensive training session at Accion’s headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts that covers essentials as to what to expect in the field, an introduction to microfinance and Accion’s work, and how to document field experiences through blogs and photographs.
  • Ambassadors travel to an Accion partner institution for a minimum of eight weeks. (Longer placements are also available).
  • Once in the field, Ambassadors work independently or as part of a team. There is no “typical” Ambassadors assignment.

Benefits to Ambassadors

  • Customized training and orientation from microfinance industry pioneer Accion
  • Valuable work experience in the financial inclusion space at leading MFIs, fin-tech start-ups, and Accion programs in the field.
  • Future networking opportunities through the Ambassadors alumni network

Requirements to Apply
Ideal candidates will possess the following skills and meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Be a university graduate
  • Be fluent in a local language (such as Hindi, Swahili or Spanish – depending on the program location)
  • Have experience traveling or living overseas (preferably in a developing country)
  • Possess excellent writing, communication and analytical skills
  • Have an interest in microfinance, economic development or social entrepreneurship
  • Be familiar with video, photography and Web-based applications, such as blogs and social networks
  • Be flexible, humble and self-motivated
  • Be available to participate in the annual Ambassadors Training in Boston
  • Be able to cover travel and living expenses during the course of the program, including the mandatory training in Boston

Language Proficiency Requirements

All Ambassadors must be able to communicate fluently in the language in which the partner institution conducts its business. In Latin America, all partners conduct their business in Spanish, and therefore Spanish fluency is a firm requirement. In parts of India and Africa, English is the language in which business in conducted, and for those placements, beginner/intermediate local languages are an asset, but not required. Placements in Francophone Africa require fluency in French and fluent Hindi is required for one of our partners in Northern India.

For more information about the program, please contact

13 thoughts on “About the Ambassadors Program

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  10. I want to be the ambassador of the organization and requist ACCION to work in Nepal.Please give information how it is possible.

  11. Dear Kate,

    Greetings from Nepal !

    Thanks for your response and kind suggestion. I would definitely visit the web page

    Best wishes,

    Sharad Babu Shrestha

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