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Now taking applications: 2016 Accion Ambassadors Volunteer Program

Note: We’ve moved! Follow this year’s Ambassadors blog posts here. We won’t be posting on this blog anymore, but all past blog posts have been moved to the new site, so you’ll be able to still find them.


Every year, we send an intrepid group of volunteers to work with our partners around the world. We call them Accion Ambassadors. These passionate individuals document their journeys and report back with firsthand insights about financial inclusion and how it’s evolving. In the past, we’ve designed assignments based on the volunteers’ skills and interests, and on those of our partners — but this year, we’ll be doing things a little differently.

How does financial inclusion affect the lives of everyday entrepreneurs? How can technology play a part in economic development? What’s working on the frontlines, and what can we do better?

These are the questions we hope this year’s Ambassadors will strive to answer, through regular blogging and social media updates. We’re looking for writers, photographers, and content producers who are curious about the world economy, insatiable in their appetite for travel, and committed to reporting back on financial inclusion’s progress and challenges.

From microenterprises in Mumbai to fintech statrups in Zambia, this year’s Ambassadors will have the opportunity to see innovation for social good around the world through placements with our partners that last for a minimum of two weeks in the summer.

Learn more about the program requirements here, or read through some of the highlights from last year’s Ambassadors:

  1. “Why are there so many slums in India?” // Mumbai
  2. “The loan officer’s story” // Asuncion
  3. “3 Reasons Microfinance Still Matters” // Bogota
  4. “8 Lessons from Zoona, An African Fintech Startup” // Lusaka
  5. “Is microfinance innovating enough?” // Bangalore

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Meet the 2015 Class of Accion Ambassadors


It’s that time of the year again – we at Accion are so excited to welcome the 2015 class of Ambassadors to our Cambridge office next week for their official orientation! We’ve got a fantastic bunch of candidates this year who will be working on all kinds of assignments – ranging from impact studies to product development to marketing strategy and human resources – and much more.

Next week, they’ll learn all about what it takes to work as an Accion Ambassador on the front lines of financial inclusion, and (we hope!) have a bit of fun, too.

For now, meet our 2015 Accion Ambassadors, and follow their journeys as they document their experiences in the coming weeks!

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Now taking applications: 2015 Accion Ambassadors Volunteer Program

If your New Year’s resolution was to volunteer or travel more, you should definitely keep reading this.

Every year we handpick a group of talented volunteers to deploy to our partner institutions all around the world to work on a specific assignment. No two assignments are the same — past volunteers have worked on anything from risk assessments to HR processes. We match a volunteer’s interests and talents with our partners’ needs. The result is a fulfilling experience for volunteers and institutions alike — these institutions get a helping hand, and the volunteer gets an unforgettable experience that will change the way they view the world. Continue reading