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Acclimation: two weeks in the DR

It’s been two full weeks since I arrived in the Dominican Republic, and between the work weeks and weekends of tourism, there are a few things I’ve noticed and had to acclimate to:

The heat

It is HOT, I’m talking 90s (30s in Celsius), and the humidity is just brutal. If you’re right on the coast or in the mountains with a nice breeze you’re in great shape, but if you’re in the middle of Santo Domingo, your chances of feeling that breeze are a lot slimmer. Continue reading

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And so it begins!

True to the Caribbean way of life, this week got off to a slow start. But that being said, it’s day five of my Ambassadorship at Banco Ademi in Santo Domingo, and I’m thrilled to report that my assigned project is officially underway!

My project, in short, is to be a secret agent of sorts.

I’m kind of kidding, but I’ll do my best to chronicle my new “double life” in the coming weeks either way. (Already writing about my secret mission on a public blog – I’m totally cut out for this, right??).

Anyways, here’s the deal for the project: Continue reading


That “First Day of School” Feeling

Banco Ademi Santo Domingo office 2

You know that feeling you get on your first day at a new school? (A combination of excitement, anxiety, restlessness and again—excitement?) I get that feeling every time I arrive in a new country.

As the plane was beginning its descent yesterday morning, I couldn’t help but peek over my middle seat neighbor to catch my first glimpse of the Dominican Republic. My stomach started to get that familiar “first day of school” jittery feeling and I couldn’t wait to get off of the plane to see more. Continue reading